Increased a Restaurant’s Online Orders by 28% in One Month


In the highly competitive restaurant industry, increasing online orders can significantly impact revenue and customer satisfaction. One restaurant partnered with WebPulse to enhance their website and streamline the online ordering process, resulting in a remarkable 28% increase in online orders in just one month.

Challenge: Underwhelming Online Order Volumes

The restaurant faced challenges with their online order volumes, which were not meeting expectations. Despite having a well-regarded menu and a loyal customer base, their website was not effectively driving online orders.

Solution: Strategic Website Enhancements

WebPulse identified key areas for improvement on the restaurant’s website to boost online orders. The approach focused on enhancing visibility, simplifying navigation, and optimizing user experience:

  1. Added Callouts to Order Online:
    • Visibility Improvement: We placed prominent callouts to order online right below the top image on the homepage, making it easy for visitors to start the ordering process immediately upon landing on the site.
  2. Callout to the Menu:
    • Ease of Access: A direct callout to the menu was added, ensuring visitors could easily access and browse the menu, which is a crucial step in the decision-making process for placing an order.
  3. SEO Optimization:
    • Search Engine Visibility: We conducted a comprehensive SEO workup on the site, optimizing keywords, meta descriptions, and other SEO elements to improve the site’s ranking in search engine results, driving more organic traffic to the website.
  4. Added a Popup for Online Ordering:
    • Conversion Enhancement: A strategically timed popup for online ordering was introduced, prompting visitors to place an order before they leave the site. This targeted approach helped capture potential orders that might have been missed otherwise.

Key Outcomes

  • Increase in Online Orders: Online orders increased by 28% within one month of implementing these changes, demonstrating the effectiveness of the enhancements.
  • Improved User Engagement: The added callouts and popup significantly improved user engagement, guiding visitors seamlessly through the ordering process.
  • Enhanced SEO Performance: The site’s search engine ranking improved, leading to increased organic traffic and higher visibility for potential customers.

Implementation: Detailed Strategic Efforts

The successful increase in online orders was achieved through meticulous planning and execution:

  • User Experience (UX) Focus: Ensuring the website was user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for customers to navigate and place orders.
  • SEO Best Practices: Implementing SEO strategies that align with current best practices, ensuring the website is easily discoverable by search engines.
  • Conversion Optimization: Using popups and callouts strategically to capture visitor attention and encourage immediate action.

Conclusion: Driving Growth Through Targeted Website Enhancements

This case study exemplifies how targeted website enhancements can drive significant growth in online orders for a restaurant. By focusing on visibility, ease of access, and user experience, WebPulse was able to help the restaurant achieve a 28% increase in online orders in just one month, highlighting the power of strategic digital optimizations in boosting business performance.